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We make travel processes effortless for all employees, inside and outside the office


Making business travel convenient and simple

We go beyond the administration of booking travel, and offer services before, during, and after travelling. With the MeritBiz App, you get the same convenient service while on the go. Features such as itinerary management, up to the minute alerts on flight delays, and restaurant and attraction recommendations, means travel planning is made easy, so you can focus on your work.

Your safety and security is our priority

We constantly monitor worldwide emergency updates and track all travellers. With instant responses, our travellers are immediately contacted and informed about emergency situations before they are even aware of them. By providing experienced advice and arranging travel plans to bring travellers home quickly and safely, the stress of emergency situations is quickly alleviated.

Solutions for last-minute changes or cancellations

We understand that plans often change and this should not be your problem. Our agents are available 24/7, operating in Canada. We are always ready to help you with any last-minute changes to your business travel itineraries.

Executive assistant & travel manager

Simple Online Booking

We make online booking easy and intuitive for individual travel plans, or complex group bookings. Experience the ease in booking any travel arrangements, while adhering to your company’s travel policy. As a preferred partner of Concur, receive full access and integration to the Concur software which allows you to easily submit expenses while in the office or on the go.

Best-In Class Service

Our team is comprised of travel experts that average 25 years of individual experience, and a tenure of 10 years. All associates are based in Canada. Our travel experts are available to make bookings 24/7. Travel planning, changes, or cancelations are simpler than ever.

Automated Itinerary Planning & Traveller Tracking

Automated itineraries are sent via email and through the MeritBiz App. Itineraries are easy to share and track, so every employee including, travellers, travel planners, and procurement are on the same page. In addition, know where all your travellers are and contact them easily with the MeritBiz app.

Finance & management

Save up to 15% in the first year

A common misconception is that using consumer travel websites is the most cost-effective solution. The truth is that a lot of travel sites do not actually aggregate all available prices, and do not display the lowest price. We help your organization save time and money with ROI features that include:
‌• Vendor negotiations that yield the lowest market fare guaranteed
‌• Integrated flight pass program for flexibility, convenience, and value
‌• Understanding and acting upon employee travel habits and managing their purchasing behaviour
‌• Analytical data that identifies trends and discovers gaps and opportunities to save money

Reporting and data management

Using online booking aggregators is not the best use of your employee’s time- a typical company spends 325 hours per month handling travel expenses. Our data analytics tools and technology are resources that allow you to look at your travel program from every angle and allow for a variety of savings to be realized. Your accounting and procurement teams will be glad to have all travel finances in check.

Complete policy compliance control

We offer service and support to properly manage you travel policy. A designated Account Manager will work alongside your company in developing and maintaining policy compliance. They assist with:

Policy Development

Your Account Manager will help establish a travel program that fits the needs of your business, by working with your budget and travel needs.


Travel policy exceptions and non-compliance, for each employee, is monitored. In addition, recommend changes to your business travel habits are provided, in order to help you realize the highest possible savings in travel spend.

Training and Development

In order to assure your employees adhere to travel policy, customized training and communication manuals are created, to assist in company-wide adoption of your travel program and policy.