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Comprehensive corporate services with cost savings in mind

The MeritBiz team:

Based out of Toronto, Canada, our team is among the most experienced individuals in the industry. Our dedication to our travellers is clear; we’ve retained the same clients for over 25 years, and our employees have an average tenure of 10 years. Our consultants, account managers, and our 24/7 Emergency Service will work alongside your company for your benefit.

‌• Develop training and communication documents
‌• Available for travel bookings and day-to-day needs
‌• Help plan any complicated trips

Account Managers

‌• Assist with policy development and compliance
‌• Analyze reports and recommend changes to policy and travel behaviour
‌• Negotiate the best available corporate rates for your travellers

24/7/365 Emergency Service

‌• Assistance in case of an emergency, cancelation, or change of plans
‌• Monitor your employees to assure their safety when travelling
‌• Call center located in Canada

The best in quality service

We provide each client their own account manager. With a corporate travel team, we assist and work alongside your company in various areas.
Travel Booking and Planning

We book hotel, flight, and car rentals for you, and inform you of any visas, documents, or vaccines needed for your travels.

Traveller Monitoring and Safety

We track your employee’s travels at all times. In crisis situations our agents provide quick action to get your employees to safety.

Vendor and Contract Negotiation

Regularly meet with key vendors and suppliers to strategically negotiate the best available corporate rates for your travellers.

Travel Program and Policy Analysis

Benchmark your program against industry best practices so you can identify areas of growth and improvement.

Policy Development

We help you establish a travel program that fits the budget and needs of your business.

Training and Development

Develop training and communication documents to assist in company-wide adoption of your travel program and policy.

Compliance Monitoring

We monitor if your travel policy is being followed and suggest policy improvements to increase savings.

Corporate Groups and Events

Plan your next conference or retreat. Our team, network, and resources, will ensure a memorable event to any destination.

Leisure Discounts

Provide your employees with discounts, promos, and specials to use on their time-off.

MeritBiz Groups and Events

We can help execute your next conference, meeting, or retreat.


Industry leading tools

Combining the highest quality service with leading technology makes travelling, travel planning, and travel accounting easy. Our tools are easy to use and enhance your travel experience.
Mobile Application

Delivers travellers their on-the-go needs, and connects them to travel managers to support Duty of Care.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

Detailed and comprehensive data analytics to track spend and savings from the individual and the company.

Online Booking Tools

Our easy to use booking website applies your travel policy to every booking ensuring policy adherence, and organizes expense reports.

Traveller Tracking

Make sure your travellers are safe or simply find them to plan a meeting; traveller tracking helps you when they’re on the go.

Travel News and Updates

Access to continuous industry updates as well as real-time news releases, which foster informed and safe travellers.

Concur Expense Access

As a preferred Concur partner, you will have full integration and access to the best expense management tool.

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