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The Cultural Shift to a Managed Travel Policy

Unmanaged travel arrangements wasn’t working for this law firm. After implementing a properly managed travel program, they realized instant savings.

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This client, a national law firm based out of Toronto, had never previously tracked their travel spend, or monitored where their travellers were. While they had a large budget, they also had a lack of insight into how effectively this was managed, due to a missing travel management program. Not only did they require the tools, but the rate of adoption and compliance of such a new program internally was of concern and consideration as well.


The relationship began with a meet and greet at each office; MeritBiz visited the client’s offices and met with their travellers and travel bookers.  After a managed program was created, training was implemented on the new process which involved, a new online tool for booking (complete with discounts and a listing of preferred airlines and hotels), as well as access to a team of travel agents who would also be taking care of their travel needs. Safety measures were also introduced to the Associates; for the first time they would be able to be found anywhere in the world, so if a disaster occurred, MeritBiz would be able to bring them home safely.


One month after implementation, the client was receiving reporting on their monthly travel spend and total savings achieved under their new policy. In addition, they were able to view the potential savings that their travellers rejected, along with their reasons noted for doing so.   This was the first time the client had insight into where their Associates were spending their travel budget, who was doing the highest spending and what hotels, airlines, car rental companies, were most often selected.

With these analytics and increasing adoption rates, MeritBiz had complete transparency into their travel spend and patterns. This enabled MeritBiz to negotiate corporate contracts with this client’s most heavily used hotels and airlines. This client realized savings of over 14% in their travel spend.

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