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Ensuring Program Compliance across Multiple Locations

A national law firm with an immediate need to consolidate their Travel Management Program, after managing separate travel policies across Canadian offices.

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This National Law Firm client managed travel differently in each of their offices across Canada, which created silos instead of a connected and unified organization.  Out of their headquarter location in Toronto, the local office travel program was detailed; every arrangement outlined not only flights and hotels, but meals and entertainment. Whereas their Vancouver office, which was a new office and had recently joined the law firm brand, had no distinct policy and partners were able to book anything they wanted, as long as it was within program budget. They required a travel program with the capability to manage the details needed out of the Toronto office, as well as the flexibility required by Vancouver, and all within budget.


The primary task was to join these offices into one travel program that worked for each of their unique travel needs, by office location.

MeritBiz spent a day in each of the offices discovering what their key needs were and where they felt their current travel program was lacking.  This Needs Discovery led to the following conclusions: all offices required a solution that was easy to book, selection and availability, and viewership of the corporate policy (so they are able to submit their travel expenses without any roadblocks or delay).

MeritBiz then worked with the National Travel Manager and developed a platform that worked for each office, allowing executives the ability to book freely but still have warnings for policy requirements when they searched above their budget.


Each Office Services Manager was provided resources that allowed them to be the travel program expert in their office.  This took the burden off the National Program Manager and allowed for each office to assist their travellers in their own unique way.  As a result, this client received a unique and adaptable program that allowed for their location differences to combine into a companywide travel program.

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