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Corporate Travel Management delivering the best technology, service, and savings

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The MeritBiz experience of corporate travel

Travel & entertainment is the second largest expense for most companies, and it is also one of the most difficult areas to track and manage. Our resources and experience manage your travel expenses, provide savings, and assure your safety.
Experienced Agents

‌• 25 years average industry experience
‌• 10 years average tenure with MeritBiz
‌• Fully serviced in Canada

Leading Technology

‌• Mobile Application
‌• Online booking platforms
‌• Preferred partner & full integration with Concur

Traveller Safety

‌• Traveller tracking
‌• 24/7/365 contact availability

How MeritBiz can benefit your company

Our corporate travel services are akin to your travel agency, travel accountant, and security lifeline.

Employee Safety

Know where all your travellers are with tracking services, and feel secure knowing their safety is monitored.

Reporting & Savings

Travel spend out of control? A travel program suited for your company and budget will track areas for savings.

Booking and Assistance

Our after-hours team based in Canada
helps with any of your
travel needs.

MeritBiz and your employees

We make business travel effortless for all employees. Learn how we can help you.



Executive Assistant & Travel Manager


Finance & Management


business travel - reporting

Get reliable & quick access to travel tools

Access to innovative reporting, traveller tracking, and a mobile app.

Our Services

Manage corporate travel on the go

Our mobile app delivers travellers their on-the-go needs and connects them to travel managers for added support.

Corporate Travel with MeritBiz – Client success stories

We have been working with some of the same clients for over 20 years. We’ve maintained these long term partnerships by focusing on client satisfaction, personalized support, and nurturing relationships with our clients and their travellers.

Corporate Travel - Going online
Going online

Panasonic Canada’s journey to move online with us resulted in time and costs savings for their company and travellers

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Consolidating multiple offices into one Travel Program
Consolidating multiple offices into one Travel Program

How we assisted in consolidating a national firm that originally managed travel in pillars across Canada to all join the same Travel Management Program

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The move from unmanaged travel to managed travel
The move from unmanaged to managed

How one law firm made the change that ended up saving millions.

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